New Aircraft Sealant Removal Kit

Aerowing has added a new aircraft sealant removal kit to our catalog, which includes the Sunaero developed Disposable Manual Scrapers. The Rapid Desealing Full Kit (PN: RD-FK-1111, NNO: 5130-14-579-7260) is listed in Airbus SRM Task 51-76-12 and remains compliant with Boeing BAC5000 directive. 

Common methods for removing sealant can include metal scrapers that cause long-term structural harm, and wooden tongue depressors which have been proven to be ineffective. 

Aerowing medical grade thermoplastic tips have been tested for use on the aircraft structure, including on delicate primer. The results of these tests verify that no structural damage will result in the use of Aerowing desealing tools.

Our pneumatic Rapid Desealing System sealant removal device was designed to remove large areas of sealant quickly, without the factors of human stress and injury. Several interchangeable tips are available to make aircraft sealant removal in crevices, seams and clean up work easy and stress free. 

Aerowing Manual Desealing System handle can be used with flat sealant scraper attachments or an extension shaft can be integrated to make dual-use of the Rapid Desealing System threaded tips. 

Try Aerowing aircraft sealant removal scrapers out today and help reduce production flow and non-mission capable time. Our sales representatives are happy to discuss success stories and custom sealant removal solutions with you, day or night. Simply email or call us on our 24/7 hotline, 1 (866) 325-FUEL (3835).

Gulfstream Approved Supplier

Aerowing is pleased to announce achievement of Gulfstream approved supplier in the capacity and scope of Technical Support for on-wing fuel leak repairs.

Aerowing Rapid Response Teams are standing by 24/7 to assist you in decreasing standard process times or with a troubled repeat fuel leak. Call today: 1 (855) 325-FUEL

Aerowing ground breaking aircraft fuel leak repair processes and specialized equipment continue to impress manufacturers and MRO facilities alike. We are preparing to release several new products and process improvement developments in the coming months. Subscribe to our blog for the latest news.

AEROWING awarded $2.6M ANG hydrogen leak detector contract


1/13/15, Las Vegas, NV, Aerowing released today that they have been awarded a 5-year, $2.6 Million contract to provide the US Air National Guard with their HyTracker hydrogen leak detectors. The leak detectors will be supplied to improve the fuel leak detection process on F-16 fighter jets. First deliveries are expected to take place in Spring 2015.

Mike Evans, Executive Vice President of Aerowing says, “For decades, aircraft fuel leaks have been troubleshot the same way (soap and bubbles). The HyTracker will modernize the process of fuel tank maintenance and is a big step forward in reducing aircraft downtime.”

Aerowing is the industry leader in providing the United States Air Force, and its allies, with leading edge equipment and processes for fuel leak detection and repair.

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