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With Aerowing pressure test systems an aircraft never needs to be moved out of the hanger to verify a repair. The need to defuel and vent if a releak occurs is eliminated, reducing the cost impact in case of a releak.

During wing final pressure test we introduce a method of pressure decay, reducing the need for intermediate soak checks. Confirm the leak repair, before the fuel soak test to reduce the potential of a repeat repair. After fuel leak repairs, or at the end of the aircraft maintenance, fuel tanks, pipes, dry bay are pressurized with Helium using the Compact Pressurization System. The Helitest Helium leak detector is then used to check the outside of the tank or pipe assembly.

Aerowing pressurization system, Pressure Test Unit, is utilized during the final pressure test of MRO or manufacture to validate the GO/NO GO status of a wing or system bringing peace of mind to quality control and the final customer.